Stephanie McGovern: I am Stephanie McGovern and I teach the Principles of Supervision course that's part of the Supervision Certificate series, and I have been working in the field of leadership development for about 25 years. And I've always had a soft spot in my heart for supervisors because I think they have a lot of things coming at them all at once. And one of the main things that supervisors get out of this course is knowing where to focus their time and energy. So, what are those high-priority activities they can focus on? what things are just mere distractions that they need to let go of? You know, what really is their role in supervising people?

Brian Johnston: I'm taking the Supervision course as part of the Supervision Certificate. So my coworkers have taken it, that report to me, and so I wanted to learn more about what they're learning about. So, I've been very pleased with the courses. Networking has been fantastic. I've met a lot of people from different operations and learned about things that their companies do which have been different than some of my experiences, so it's been a really good learning tool for me. 

Lindsey Harms: I'm really excited to take the program because I'm a new supervisor. I've only been doing it about a year, and it's a certificate that my employer recommended to me. I've been having a really good time in the classes. I've taken two so far and they've really helped me to learn how to be a new supervisor, how to delegate, and I'm really looking forward to today's class. 

Stephanie McGovern: Some of the takeaways people have from the class are, I think, just more confidence and grounding in who they are as a leader. We also talk about leadership styles and where their style naturally shines. And some of the kinds of situations where they might need to adapt their style to deal with situations in a different way.