Why do you use office hours?

Office hours are a really good resource for me, like if I have some questions about homework or if I’m confused with the class material. I will ask to use this time to kind of go over some things with my TAs or instructors.

Well, I use office hours to get help especially when there is a misconception about something that was explained in lecture, or like if I have a question about the homework or even a general question, like you can go to office hours and get help in any way regarding the course.  

How often do you use office hours?

So, I use office hours two or three times a month typically. I’ll go stop by my professor’s office before or after class and go ask my questions.

If I have a quiz or I have a test, I'll go to the office hours and ask them what will be the stuff on the test and then sometimes it really better prepares me for the quizzes or test.

Since I got to junior year the courses were tough and so the homework assignments were harder than expected. So I had to utilize office hours to get help in that. I started going every week, and sometimes every day. 

What advice do you have for using office hours?

Don’t be afraid to go talk to the professors. They’re not scary. They’re there to help you learn. Especially if your schedule doesn’t coincide with the office hours provided, don’t be afraid to send them an email and say, hey, this doesn’t work for me. Does this other time work for you? I can come ask you my questions then.

It is always a good idea to go over the thing that you want to ask about and try to understand it before you are going to office hours.

Some suggestions about going to office hours like be prepared. Prepare some questions, and even if you don’t have any questions it's still a good time to like go there and talk with your TA and instructor to let them know you more. This is very helpful.