Welcome to the University of Minnesota's College of Continuing and Professional Studies!

As you might have guessed by our name, we offer professional courses and certificates for adults wanting to further their career. But wait! The College does a lot more than that. Our bachelor's degree programs, for example, are for students of all ages and touch departments and colleges all over the Twin Cities campus. So, back up: what exactly does the College cover? Deep breath—here we go.

First, there are the Bachelor of Applied Science majors in growing industries like construction management, IT infrastructure, health services management, and manufacturing operations management, all taught by instructors who work in the field and teach from experience.

Moving on to the individualized bachelor's degrees that students and working adults design for themselves. Through the Multidisciplinary Studies Program or the Inter-College Program, students draw from courses offered throughout the U of M to customize the degree that fits their busy lives, their interests, and their career goals.

Next, the College offers professional master's programs. Any of these pique your interest? Horticultural, addictions counseling, arts and cultural leadership, biological sciences, and integrated behavioral health. Wen you've got this degree you're the expert.

Working professionals who want to gain specific expertise and advance their careers will be interested in the professional development courses and certificate programs. Maybe you've been meaning to enhance your knowledge of business analysis, technical writing, or project management. There's a course or certificate here for you.

Or maybe you're interested in learning something new just for the fun of it. You're definitely not alone! Check out LearningLife courses about everything from Shakespeare to iPhone photography, or attend Headliners, our current event series.

Many of our courses are taught in the evening and online, led by instructors who specialize in teaching applied skills through engaging coursework. This is great for adults who are already working full-time jobs, because adding school to your life is challenging enough. We try to make the scheduling part as convenient as possible.

By the way the College is also home to the Minnesota English Language program, where international students develop and advance their English. And we offer a certificate program for those wanting to learn translation and interpreting skills.

The College opens its doors to high school-aged students, as well, through the College in the Schools Program and postsecondary enrollment options, giving access to U of M courses.

And last but not least, we're home to Radio K, the real College radio station.

Here at the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, we're constantly redefining what continuing education means, and we believe in supporting our students through donors and scholarships. Because it's all about creating positive learning experience. Find out more about the University of Minnesota's College of Continuing and Professional Studies.