Diversity is understanding differences, cultural values, history, political views.

Being able to take into account every aspect of somebody, collectively.

All my classmates and peers, including my professors, they have various identities that I know of or don't know of, and I'm able to value this by being able to like learn a lot more and gain more knowledge.

Coming back to school in my late 40s gives me the opportunity to ask questions that I wouldn't normally ask.

Being able to have a conversation with anyone and everyone, really just being open to an exchange.

I feel like it's not enough to say that there's a place for everyone. We have to actually create a place and invite people into it.

Despite any differences that we may have.

Not only understanding the differences but finding similarities, too.

There's always going to be dialogue, there's always going to be a discussion because we're all different. We all have different perspectives, and we all have different values that we hold according to who we are as individuals.