Student 1: The ICP major is great for those who want to customize their major to show their true skills and talents and special interests. 

Student 2: People seemed impressed that I took the initiative to design my own major, rather than just following the status quo. 

Student 3: I think that process lent itself to having a more established idea of what my career goals would look like later on, because I had thought earlier on about how I would use certain classes toward my goals. 

Student 1: My advisor was very helpful throughout my entire undergraduate experience. She has always been there to guide me and give me advice on who to meet with, what courses to take, and what extra experiences would supplement my degree. 

Student 2: We also talked about my long-term goals. Looking at those classes and what would help me get into dental school and what would help me down the road in dental school, so she really got to know me. 

Student 3: Something that I really appreciate about ICP program was really the connection I had with my advisor. I heard about the experiences of a lot of my fellow classmates, and it sounded like there was limited interaction or basically no interaction at all from their advisors, and that may have been their choice, but what I valued so much was the partnership that I had with mine. Every semester, maybe even multiple times, we were working together to discuss the courses I was going into, how things had been in the prior semester, and really just what my goals were continuously and how ideas were changing about how I was going to get to where I was trying to go. So, I just appreciate that relationship that was made available through the program, and I think it's something that I wish for everyone to have.