Master of Professional Studies in Applied Sciences Leadership


What you learn in the Applied Science Leadership master’s degree are skills that you can apply to your job right away to advance your career in the sciences.

This degree is for science professionals working anywhere in the public or private sector—corporations, government, nonprofit agencies, international organizations—anywhere people are trying to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

In the Applied Sciences Leadership program, you’ll learn how to interpret scientific data and transform that data into information stakeholders can use to make decisions.

You’ll also learn how to communicate complex ideas, lead a team or project, and navigate legal and ethical issues.

Plus, you’ll complete a capstone project that will address a real-world issue to sharpen your critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

All the coursework in this degree is offered completely online. Plus, the program is really unique in that it is a stackable credential.

That means that it is made up of two individual certificates that you can take on their own. You don’t have to commit to the full master’s program right away. You can always apply your certificate to the master’s program later.

This degree gives you the tools to think ten steps ahead of the next crisis and see a problem from multiple perspectives. You’ll be able to quickly adapt in moments of change.

And moments of change are happening all the time. Whether it’s a public health issue, a local emergency, or just trying to make the world a better place, you’ll be the one in the room who’s the most prepared. And that will set you apart in your field.