Sonya Rahders, JD, instructor, Policy in Human Sexuality: I think not only is education critical in understanding, you know, the larger society, but I think it's really important for understanding ourselves. Understanding the way that our own sexuality works is critical to having a clear self-awareness and an understanding of how we participate in the world.

And part of studying it, I think, is also just learning that it's okay to talk about and read about and think about, and that that doesn't make folks deviant. It's just a part of who we are.

Making sure that folks are aware of and have access to information and perspectives that are outside of their individual lives and their individual communities, and being able to sort of develop even if it's not an agreement, but an understanding of, where other folks come from, I think is so critical in creating an ability for folks to really participate in the country and in the world and in society as a whole in a more empathetic and more understanding way. It's really exciting, the possibilities!