Tiki-Toki is a web application that you can use to create interactive timelines. This guide shows you how to edit, create, and delete personal stories on the timeline. and contribute to a course Tiki-Toki timeline.

Add a story to the course timeline

  • When you get to the course Tiki-Toki timeline, click Continue to open up the timeline interface.
  • Log in. Your password is available in the assignment description from the course site. This allows you to 
  • Click Create New Story. Add a Start date for the event. 
    • Make sure to click on a day of the event and click Confirm
    • Please note: the day that you choose for the Start date doesn’t need to be the exact day of the story event, you just need to select a day in order for Tiki-Toki to register the event as a Start date. You don’t need to add an End date to the story.
  • Choose a Category for your Story. 
    • If you have a link to your story, add it to the Link field.
    • Save.
Landing window for Tiki-Toki Timeline


Add new story


Select category


Add information to story and click save


You have now created a basic story added to the timeline that other students can click on and view.

Add Media to Your Story

  1. Add your name to the Intro field. Adding your name to Intro will allow your professor to be able to easily see who created timelines.
  2. Click on the ADD NEW MEDIA button.
  3. Paste the URL for a hosted image or video on the web to the Source field. Then click Save.
Add info for story


Enter hosted image URL


  • You can switch from “2d” view to “3d” view by clicking the white circle on the bottom left-hand corner of the timeline.
  • The dates for the timeline are in the black scroll bar at the bottom of the timeline. You can scroll left and right to see different dates on the timeline. There are small colored dots within the scroll bar that correspond to stories that have been entered within the timeline (they are colored by their corresponding category).
  • In the center-top of the timeline is the month and year that are currently on display.