Tiki-Toki Timeline is a robust tool that allows you to build media-enhanced, three-dimensional timelines. This technology is free for students using it for the first time. 

The following guide explains the process of creating and using your personal timeline.

Set-up Instructions

  1. Visit the Tiki-Toki website and set up an account using the “Free Sign Up” link at the top of the page.
  2. Create a new timeline. Your timeline should include:
    • Title: [First and Last Name] Timeline - [Topic of Timeline].
    • Start and End Dates: from [START] to [END]
    • Introduction: [First and Last Name] Timeline for [COURSE NAME]. 
  3. Once you have created your timeline, you will need to add categories.
    • Click on Settings in the Admin Panel and change your View Type to “Category Bands.” > Save…
    • Click on the Categories section of your Admin Panel > Create New Category > name the category (examples: Culture, Events, Politics)
    • Select Color > Save
    • Create New Category (if applicable).
Steps to create a new time line.

Adding Stories to your Timeline

  1. To add a story (event) to your timeline, select “Stories” from your Admin panel. Then select “Create New Story”
  2. Add the following information to your story and click save when done:
    • Title
    • Start and End Date
    • Intro (2-3 sentences) explaining historical significance
    • Select a Category
    • Save
      Adding a story
  3. To add media (video or image) to your story:
    • Click the Media tab below your story and paste in the URL for your image or video.
    • Make sure to select whether this is an Image or Video in the “Type” area.
    • Save
      Location of Media tab

Finished Product

Your finished story should look something like this:

Finished Tiki-Toki story added


  • When posting a video media link, non-Youtube videos may not play (particularly videos from National Geographic) as their owners have often disabled embedding. Try searching for your video on YouTube before uploading. If you need to post directly from a site that disallows embedding, please paste a link to the video in the “Extra Info” section of your event post.
  • If you attempt to copy an image URL and cannot find a “Copy Image URL” option, the image is likely copyrighted and its owner has disallowed embedding. In this case, posting a link to the image in “Extra Info” is acceptable.