Scholarship List

The College's scholarship funds are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement. Unless otherwise noted, awards are available to students taking either credit or noncredit courses on a part- or full-time basis.

If you are a current student and would like to apply for one of the College's scholarships, please go to the Financial Aid page and click on your student status to access your scholarship deadlines, important scholarship details, and the scholarship application.


APi Group Inc. Scholarship

Established in 2014 by APi Group Inc., a privately held company made up of over 40 complementary specialized construction companies, this scholarship supports full- or part-time students in the College's undergraduate Construction Management Program. Designated as one of Minnesota's Top 25 Private Companies, APi Group Inc. has an award-winning Leadership Development Program. Preference is given to veterans of the United States Armed Forces and the Minnesota National Guard.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Construction Management Program Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2010 by generous faculty, students, and alumni of the Construction Management Program to help students in this program reach their educational goals.

Ceil T. Victor Scholarship

Ceil T. Victor established this scholarship to support goal-oriented working students who are attending the University to achieve a degree or certificate or to take professional development courses through the College. Students must contribute to the cost of their education from their own resources and be ineligible for employer funded educational support.

Centennial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in celebration of the College’s 100th year anniversary at the University of Minnesota. The scholarship will be used to support students who are enriching and improving their lives through education.

CFMA Scholarship

The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), Twin Cities Chapter actively promotes professional financial management and business opportunities in the construction industry across the state of Minnesota. CFMA established this scholarship at the University to provide financial support to talented and motivated students who are considering a career in finance, accounting, or management in the construction industry. Eligible students must be enrolled in the College, pursuing an undergraduate degree, minor, or certificate program in Construction Management.

College of Continuing and Professional Studies Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2017 to celebrate the College’s new name, the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS). The scholarship fund will be used to provide support to CCAPS students and learners.

Dean's Fund for Scholarships

Created in 1975, this scholarship provides financial assistance for students taking course work towards a degree or certificate.

Elnor Peterson Pahl Scholarship

Matt Musel, BA in Organization and Human Development, 1998, is a graduate of the College and honors the memory of his beloved grandmother, Elnor Peterson Pahland, who had a great passion for lifelong learning. This scholarship will assist students who are working towards a baccalaureate degree in the College.

Fibiger Award

John Fibiger received his BA in mathematics in 1953 from University College. His long and illustrious career in business and his strong loyalty and gratitude towards his alma mater inspired Mr. Fibiger to establish this award. The Fibiger Award provides students in the University’s unique interdisciplinary degree programs the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate education through research, projects, and professional internships.

Graduate Liberal Studies Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2001 to help students complete their Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degrees. Students who have shown academic excellence during the first half of their MLS program and have a financial need will be considered for the award. Volunteer service in the community can also be a factor for eligibility.

Graduate Studies Scholarship

This scholarship was established to assist students in the College's graduate programs.

Hilger Leadership Award

The Hilger Leadership Award was established by A. Peter Hilger, AIA, Morse Distinguished Teacher, Faculty Director and Internship Adviser for the University of Minnesota Construction and Facility Management Program, and a member of the University Academy of Distinguished Teachers. This award was created to recognize, support, and foster future leaders of the build environment.

Ingrid Lenz Harrison Scholarship for Continuing Education

Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison established this scholarship in 2001 to encourage women with a significant gap in their education to participate in lifelong learning through the College's classes, courses, and programs. This scholarship reflects Ingrid Lenz Harrison's strong belief in the transformative power of education for women.

J.W. Buchta Memorial Scholarship

In 1968, friends, family, and colleagues of Dean Emeritus J. William Buchta established this fund to honor the late Dean Buchta and his lifelong commitment to interdisciplinary education. Awards are made to students who have demonstrated academic achievement while working toward an interdisciplinary baccalaureate degree.

JE Dunn Construction Company Scholarship

The JE Dunn Construction Company Scholarship was established in 2017 to support students in the College’s Construction and Facilities Management Programs. This scholarship is to support full-time undergraduate students with demonstrated academic merit and financial need who have completed their sophomore year of study. Preference is given to students underrepresented in the University or in their degree program.

Joan T. Smith Scholarship Fund honoring Graca Machel

Joan T. Smith established this scholarship in honor of the human rights advocate and former first lady of Mozambique, Graca Machel. The Joan T. Smith Scholarship Fund supports full- or part-time undergraduate women who have a financial need and are recent African immigrants, refugees, asylees, or citizens of African countries living in the USA.

Julius Nolte-Harold Miller Scholarship

The Nolte-Miller Scholarship was established in honor of Dean Emeritus Julius M. Nolte (1945−1963) and Dean Harold Miller (1972−1998) for their leadership and service to the College. This general scholarship fund supports non-traditionally aged students taking classes in the College.

Karin L. Larson Interdisciplinary Education Scholarship

Karin Larson obtained her undergraduate degree in business and international relations in 1960 through University College at the University of Minnesota. She established this scholarship to foster future generations of first-in-family degree seekers and to support those students who are pursuing undergraduate interdisciplinary degrees at the University’s College.

McGough Construction Scholarship

The McGough Construction Company's reputation as one of the country's most noteworthy construction and contracting companies is matched by their strong commitment to the University of Minnesota over the past 50 years. The McGough Construction Scholarship will help students in the Construction Management Program at the Twin Cities Campus who have both a financial need and academic merit. In this way, McGough will carry on the tradition of industry excellence for the next century and beyond.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (MSP-IFMA) Scholarship

In support of their mission to empower facility professionals locally and worldwide, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of the International Facility Management has established the MSP-IFMA Scholarship to assist full- or part-time undergraduate students, in the Construction Management Program, who are focusing on careers in facility management. Students will have demonstrated academic merit and/or financial need. MSP-IFMA supports University of Minnesota students in this manner to ensure a successful future for the growing facility planning, construction, and building management industry.

Mucke-Roff Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed in 1974 to honor Louise Roff and Edith Mucke for their leadership in pioneering programs in Continuing Education for Women at the University of Minnesota. This scholarship is open to men and women students taking credit and noncredit courses, workshops, and seminars offered by the College.

Osher Reentry Scholarship Program

The Osher Reentry Scholarship Program was established by the Bernard Osher Foundation of San Francisco, California, to support individuals who have both a significant gap in their education and a significant time left in the workforce to complete their baccalaureate degree. The scholarship recognizes the commitment and efforts required to reenter college while balancing work, family, and civic responsibilities.

PCL Construction Management Scholarship

This scholarship was established by PCL Construction Services Inc. to ensure that underrepresented groups, in particular women and minority students, will become future leaders in the construction industry.

Remington Scholarship

Esther Remington established this fund in 1974 as a memorial to her husband Gilford, a noted University professor and Director of Extension. After Esther's death in 2000, G. Jean Berman, the Remingtons' daughter, contributed to the scholarship in memory of both her parents. Preference is given to students studying art, history, education, and media.

Rosslyn S. Kleeman Scholarship Fund

Rosslyn Kleeman received her BS degree from the University of Minnesota in Public Planning and Government in 1972, and she was the first person to graduate from the University Without Walls. “Roz” had a long and distinguished career in public service in Minnesota and in Washington, D.C. This scholarship will support students working towards their undergraduate degree and interested in public service and in careers in government and the public sector.

Staff Endowed Educational Development (SEED) Fund

The College's staff established this fund in 2000 to assist students who have a desire to improve their lives through continuing education. Priority is given to adults making a life or career transition, students finishing their degrees, individuals who need a course to be admitted to one of the College's degree programs, displaced workers, and first-time personal enrichment program participants.

Women's Fund for Continuing Education Scholarship

The Women's Fund was established in 1995 to help single women with dependent children have an opportunity to continue their education.