Course Number: ICC X322

International and multilingual students come to our campus with many skills, talents, and perspectives that enrich our university and learning experiences for all. However, sometimes students experience judgment or exclusion based on the way that they speak or use English. This, in turn, impacts their experiences, both social and academic. In this workshop, we will explore what is understood by this language or accent bias, how this connects with DEI efforts, and how we can work to create more linguistically affirming and just classrooms.

This webinar is co-facilitated in partnership between Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus (ICC) and the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP)

This webinar falls under the following themes:

  • Theoretical Foundations: Teaching in globally diverse classes
  • Inclusive Learning Communities: Integration, inclusion, and community building in the classroom

  • Supporting Multilingual Learners: engaging & embracing linguistic diversity