Course Number: ICC X323

Ready, set, let’s focus on fun! We’ll turn to current trends in higher education of infusing more play in instruction. Lisa Forbes, Professors at Play, states that “Play has the ability to create connections, reduce stress, is student-centered and humanistic, allows students to overcome anxiety and fear of vulnerability, primes them for learning, is a vehicle for application of theory and skill acquisition, and produces longer-lasting learning.” In this session we’ll consider how fun and a playful mindset can engage learning in globally and linguistically diverse classrooms.

This webinar is co-facilitated in partnership between Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus (ICC) and the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP)

This webinar falls under the following themes:

  • Theoretical Foundations for Teaching in Globally Diverse Classes

  • Inclusive Learning Communities: Integration, inclusion, and community building in the classroom

  • Intercultural Interaction: Developing important skills and attitudes

  • Supporting Multilingual Learner: Engaging & embracing linguistic diversity