Course Number: CERT X437

The increasing diversity of the American population along with the realization of the many systemic inequities in the hiring practices created a need for organizations to rethink how they recruit and hire. 

This course will review each of the steps of the recruiting cycle and offer techniques and strategies to attract, recruit, and select diverse, qualified employees. You will learn to examine your current recruiting strategies to remove potential barriers and recruit a broader representation of the population. This course will examine how the selection process may be influenced by bias and will offer tips on how to ensure implicit bias is recognized and minimized throughout the hiring process. We’ll also cover workforce and culture assessment, recruiting trends and tools, onboarding and its effect on retention, social networking, and recruiting, as well as other ideas to enhance your process.  

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • understand the changing demographics of the current workforce.
  • explore the recruiting cycle with a lens for equity, encouraging inclusion.
  • discover trends and tools to attract and hire diverse, qualified candidates.
  • evaluate your search process, checking for implicit bias.