Human Resource Generalist Certificate

HR Generalist Certificate students

This certificate will give you up-to-date human resource practices at the technical, operational, and strategic management levels. Whether you have HR experience or just want to build your career, our Human Resource Generalist Certificate is designed to prepare you for success.

  • Design recruitment, selection, and staffing strategies
  • Explore benefit practices and trends
  • Gain practical skills to lead organization development interventions
  • Build positive employee and labor relations

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Human Resource Generalist Courses

Choose 9−10 courses to complete required 60 contact hours for certificate

Communicating in the Moment (6 hours) $420
Design On-Boarding Programs (6 hours) $420
Employee Benefits Practices and Trends (6 hours) $420
Employee and Labor Relations (6 hours) $420
Fundamentals of Organization Development (12 hours) $845
Introduction to Human Resource Practices (6 hours) $420
Investigations and Documentation (6 hours) $420
Legal Issues for Human Resources (6 hours) $420
Principles of Employee Compensation (6 hours) $420
Human Resources as a Business Partner (6 hours) $420
Facilitative Training Techniques (6 hours) $420
The Human Resource Audit (6 hours) $420
The Internal Consultant (6 hours) $420
Workforce Metrics and Analytics (6 hours) $420
Workforce Talent Assessment and Planning (6 hours) $420
Writing Policies and Procedures (6 hours) $420

Not interested in a certificate? Courses can be taken individually. See the list of professional development courses.

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Stories From the Field

K. David Hirschey

K. David Hirschey has been a human resource professional for going on five decades. He's also an instructor for the HR Generalist Certificate, and he shares his insider's perspective on the daily tasks and skills needed to be successful in the field.

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