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This course provides students the background and skills needed to enhance teamwork, make informed business decisions, and resolve productivity issues effectively. This course will focus on the principles, techniques, and tools used to plan, control, monitor, and review projects to meet company monetary and time constraints. Through case studies and practical application, students will practice project management skills along with setting team priorities, performance objectives, and the team decision making process.

Sample textbooks: Singh, H. (2015) Mastering Project Human Resource Management: Effectively Organize and Communicate with All Project Stakeholders. 
Wilson, R. (2015) Mastering Project Management Strategy and Processes: Proven Methods to Meet Organizational Goals


Carol Rinkoff
Carol Rinkoff

Dr. Rinkoff has been teaching in and administering higher education since 2005. She is most interested in systems thinking and information fluency, which have in common asking good questions, critical thinking, and collecting information and turning it into applied knowledge and wisdom. Carol has previously served higher education institutions in Minnesota, California, and Maryland as the director of undergraduate and graduate business programs, dean of academic affairs, dean of a satellite campus, and vice president of academic affairs. She has coauthored a book on how managers can use social media in business, and teaches a graduate course in CCAPS, CIVE/ASCL 6314 – Leading Projects and Teams.

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