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Management in Organizations

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About This Course

This course brings together key elements from practical experience (on the job) and theoretical study (in the classroom) to broaden your understanding of management as a profession. Your active participation will greatly enhance the course for everyone, as we will all be learning from each other's experiences. As this is a Writing Intensive designated course, another goal of this class is to learn to write and communicate more effectively.

Areas covered include:

  • Demands on today’s managers.
  • Techniques/ideas beyond traditional studies.
  • Focus on managers in all organizations: small-to-large, for-profit, not-for-profit, and government.
  • Classical management theory at all levels as well as more cutting-edge theory for high-performing organizations.
  • Classical management functions of organizational planning.
  • Organizing resources.
  • Leading and motivating people, and controlling and evaluating organizational activities.
  • Gender and diversity in management and the impacts that having a diverse workforce have on managers and organizations.


Bradley Goodall Photo
Bradley Goodell

Ph.D., clinical psychology, The Minnesota School of Professional Psychology; B.A., psychology, Hamline University; Certificate in conflict management, Hamline University

Dr. Bradley Goodell is a managing partner and organizational and wellness consultant for Integrated Wellness Programs Group, LLC, where he heads the Healthy Worker Program, a program designed to assist employees with managing emotional health-related issues. He is a contributing author and content expert with Whitewater Learning and has authored educational modules related to wellness, mental health, and organizational wellness. He has a strong background in assessment and testing and also has significant experience in individual therapy for adults, couples, adolescents, and families, working with clients from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities, as well as at-risk adolescents in school settings.

  • ABus 4022W – Management in Organizations

  • ABus 4023W - Communicating for Results
Brian Simons
Brian Simons

MBA in supply chain management and operations, Arizona State University; BA degrees in international finance, history, and political science

For over 20 years, Mr. Simon has held leadership positions in general operations and supply chain management across several industries, including aerospace, high tech, and health care. His background includes strategy, finance, and continuous improvement methodologies in a variety of business sizes and markets. He has consistently used training and teaching as a part of his strategic plans and leadership style, which allows him to bring a practical and effective approach to content and coursework to help students grow as business leaders.

  • ABUS 4022W − Management in Organizations