ABUS 4106

About This Course

This course focuses on the impact of business ethics decisions with the goal of helping students develop a personal business ethics philosophy. Decisions are explored by studying current real-world cases embodying particular business constructs: stakeholders, corporate responsibility, sustainability, information sharing, organizational culture, global business, and leadership. Students will evaluate important historical decision-making variables and develop their own set of values. The course will go beyond theory to examine the ways that ethical decisions both challenge and benefit businesses, looking at both poor (scandals) versus good (best practices) decision-making.

Sample textbook: Kidder, R. (2009). How good people make tough choices: Resolving the dilemmas of ethical living. Harper. ISBN-13 : 978-0061743993


Carol Rinkoff
Carol Rinkoff

Dr. Rinkoff has been teaching in and administering higher education since 2005. She is most interested in systems thinking and information fluency, which have in common asking good questions, critical thinking, and collecting information and turning it into applied knowledge and wisdom. Carol has previously served higher education institutions in Minnesota, California, and Maryland as the director of undergraduate and graduate business programs, dean of academic affairs, dean of a satellite campus, and vice president of academic affairs. She has coauthored a book on how managers can use social media in business, and teaches a graduate course in CCAPS, CIVE/ASCL 6314 – Leading Projects and Teams.

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