Concurrent Session I: 10:00–11:30 a.m.

8:00–9:30 – Welcome and Morning Plenary

Minnesota’s Drinking Water Sustainability, Threats, and the Future

Speakers: Tannie Eshenaur, Minnesota Department of Health; A. Marcelle Lewandowski, Water Resources Center

Panelists: Jeff Broberg, founder and board member, Minnesota Well Owners Organization; Jon Eaton, Utility Superintendent, City of Eagan, currently treasurer for the Executive Committee of the national board of directors of the American Water Works Association; Caitlin Meyer, Water Resources Coordinator, Olmsted Soil and Water Conservation District; Lori Blair, Executive Director, Minnesota Rural Water Association

This presentation and panel discussion will examine where Minnesotans get their drinking water, critical issues we are facing today and in the future, and how to transform the drinking water system with innovation and technology.

9:30–10:00 – Poster and Vendor Refreshment Break

Track E

Special Session

10:00–11:30 – The Changing Mindset of Work: How Values and Opportunities Shape a Digital-Ready Workforce

Tracy Fallon, Jeffrey Stamp, University of Minnesota

Does this digital-ready workforce have the skills needed to meet the industry's needs? Are there ways that industry needs to accommodate a digital transformation? A panel will discuss results from surveys sent this summer to hiring managers, students, and recent graduates on the changing face of our work and the workforce. The breakout session will center on how we define our values and opportunities to benefit that workforce and our customers.

11:30–12:15 – Lunch

12:15–1:00 – Luncheon Session; Awards Ceremony and Poster Session

Concurrent Session II: 1:15–2:45 p.m.

Track E

Special Session

1:15–2:45 – Engaging Communities and Changing Systems Around Drinking Water Through Art

Panelists: Stephanie Hatzenbihler, Source Water Protection Collaborative and Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District; Alycia Overbo, Source Water Protection Collaborative and Minnesota Department of Health; Anna Claussen, Source Water Protection Collaborative and Voices for Rural Resilience; Alexander Keilty, Source Water Protection Collaborative and Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance

The Source Water Protection Collaborative is implementing a pilot project in Little Falls, using art to create new forms of community engagement around drinking water protection. In this session, Collaborative members and Little Falls residents will discuss the pilot project’s development, status, evaluation, and how it is shaping and changing perspectives in the community and the Collaborative. They will also explore other ways artists and artists-in-residence have conducted community engagement around water.

2:45–3:15 – Poster and Vendor Refreshment Break

Concurrent Session III: 3:15–4:45 p.m.

Track E

Special Session

3:15–4:45 – Wetland Workshop (presented by Minnesota Wetland Professionals Association)

Jennie Skancke, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Amy Kendig, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Kenneth Powell, Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources; Rebecca Beduhn, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.; Thomas Wenzel, Board of Water and Soil Resources; Tim Smith, Aquic, LLC

The Minnesota Wetland Professionals Association (WPA) is hosting a wetland-focused special session. The WPA will chair a panel discussion on the status of wetland mitigation in Minnesota with technical experts to share the challenges and opportunities for wetland mitigation projects in the state. The Board of Water and Soil Resources will present an update on the wetland functional assessment tool and share about the tool development that is being developed with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The presentation will focus on the tool’s functional metrics and regulatory uses. The MN DNR will present their research on wetland hydrology monitoring across the state. Long-term monitoring is ongoing and will allow us to characterize wetland water levels across years and weather conditions.

4:45–5:45 – Reception, Vendors, and Poster Session