Come for the courses, stay for the friends is a common refrain among OLLI members throughout North America. It’s true! Ask any OLLI at the UMN member and they’ll tell you that the joys and advantages of membership are many. 

Membership Fee

With so many many ways to get involved and even more wonderful people to meet, why wait? Our door is always open!

OLLI at the UMN has an annual membership fee of $300. All memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Membership fees come with numerous benefits and are critical to the Institute’s success and sustainability. They help to support dynamic quality programming and initiatives associated with being part of the University and a national network of lifelong learners.

Partner Discounts

OLLI regularly partners with other University programs, associations, and institutes, as well as community organizations, some of which offer reciprocal membership discounts. If you plan to join OLLI for the first time, check to see if one of our partner discounts will work for you!


Miriam B Seltzer
Miriam B. Seltzer

Named in honor of the late founding director of the Elder Learning Institute (which became OLLI at the UMN in 2005), the Miriam B. Seltzer Scholarship Fund helps OLLI remain accessible to all by providing assistance with annual membership fees for individuals who have demonstrated financial need.

If you or someone you know would like to apply, please use the form that appears below. OLLI’s application process is confidential. If you have questions, please contact the OLLI office.

Apply for an OLLI Scholarship


OLLI’s membership benefits align with and enhance the most important aspects of aging well and purposeful aging—that is, physical, mental, and cognitive health, as well as social engagement. Some even consider OLLI their one-stop shop!


It’s a lifelong learner’s dream! OLLI is known for its diverse and plentiful portfolio of courses, and being a member means there’s no limit to the number of courses you may request each and every term. No wonder members can’t wait to dig into the latest Course Guide and select their favorites!

Communication and Connection

OLLI’s publications, both print and digital, keep members in-the-know. The Memo to Members details news from the all-volunteer OLLI Advisory Board, and there's the Up-to-Dater, a biweekly email compilation of announcements and additional learning opportunities through the University.


The camaraderie that grows out of shared experience is significant and lasting, which is why social and cultural opportunities are a key component of OLLI’s mission. Plus, community is at the core of OLLI. Whether at picnics and themed gatherings, casual get-togethers, or formal celebratory events, OLLI members enjoy one another’s company and relish the opportunity to come together as a group.

Intergenerational and Intercultural Programs

OLLI believes strongly in the benefits that come with intergenerational and intercultural learning. We have a rich history of nurturing such exchanges through the OLLI Scholar and Culture Corps programs. Both of these groups teach OLLI courses, which are often deemed “favorites” among members.

Special Interest Groups

There’s a lot to be said for shared special interests, and there is no shortage of member enthusiasm when it comes to SIGs. Created and managed by members for members, OLLI is host to a variety of Special Interest Groups or SIGs, as they are fondly called. SIGs meet regularly and provide members with social, cultural, and educational opportunities beyond the OLLI classroom.

Trips and Tours

Educational, social, and fun: travel offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in culture, food, geography, and history—all in the good company of others. While OLLI has curbed international travel since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, day-long tours and domestic travel offer wonderful possibilities for sharing adventures with fellow OLLI members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering! It’s what we do! As a membership organization, OLLI prospers because of active and ongoing volunteer support—both from members and from those who graciously share their expertise by teaching OLLI courses. When members infuse OLLI with their professional knowledge, budding talents, and endless enthusiasm and creativity, they not only help the Institute hum along in its day-to-day operations, they also ensure the Institute remains relevant into the future.