Multidisciplinary alum finds his place in burgeoning health care industry

Christopher Bielke, Revenue Integrity Application Administrator, North Memorial Health Care

“After dropping out of college six years prior to enrolling in the Multidisciplinary Studies (MdS) program, I didn't feel like there was much I could do that would utilize the credits and skills I learned previously without having to start from scratch," says 2014 CCAPS alum Christopher Bielke.

He had already completed coursework in sociology, psychology, and philosophy and was working at a job in health care management, yet Bielke wasn’t sure how to complete his degree and elevate his professional options.

The MdS program, particularly the act of writing his own degree plan, compelled him to take inventory of his existing skills. “Really taking the time to look at what I had learned, as well as what I wanted to learn, gave me the opportunity to assess my career and figure out where I could go in the future.”

Bielke took courses in arts and humanities, communication, and history and social science, as well as offerings from applied business and health care. In his current position at North Memorial Health Care, he applies what he studied in his health systems management classes on an almost daily basis.

In the end, Bielke believes he discovered a perfect fit in MdS, where he could strengthen his marketability through related courses of his own choosing.

“Creating a cohesive degree… has helped me find a unique and sought-after niche in the marketplace.”