Two of the most sought-after workplace skills are critical thinking and decision-making. We all know smart people, including ourselves, who make decisions that just don’t work out. Who doesn’t want to be better equipped to confidently tackle decisions while creating the optimal conditions for successful implementation of those decisions? Join us to explore how critical thinking can get derailed and what you might do differently to keep it on track and apply new ways of thinking to make better decisions.

In this webinar we:

  • reconsidered the definition of critical thinking.
  • examined why people come to different conclusions and what to do about it.
  • appreciated the role of transparency in decision making and how to build it.
  • discussed common decision-making pitfalls.

Nan Gesche, MA, has over 20 years' experience rooting out where things go wrong and helping them go right. As an educator, speaker, and coach, whose passion is to “help people play well together,” she guides organizations and individuals through transition without losing sight of their strategic goals.

Presented on March 16. 2022