2016 ACL Final Projects

On May 3, 2016, four Master of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership students gave their Final Project presentations. These presentations reflect their research for the Academic Paper, as well as work completed for an Applied Project in a community-based nonprofit arts organization.

The following subjects were explored:

Strategic Digital Engagement: Developing a Digital Content Strategy for Your Staff and Organization

by Lann Briel

Briel discussed how important it is for arts and cultural organizations to establish a strategic digital communication plan in order to efficiently use their written, audio, and visual content. The plan should support the institution's mission, vision, and values; connect with consumers; and reinforce brand identity.

The Case to Engage Millennials in Classical Music

by Alex Legeros

Legeros proposed that classical music organizations can engage Millennials by creating programming that is easily consumed in a short amount of time; foster relationships with and among Millennials by offering opportunities to socialize; and empower them by giving them a voice within the organization.

The Art of Making (It) Work: Artist-Centered Organizational Models

by Emily Bridges Stecklein

Bridges Stecklein examined how some theater companies are moving towards an artist-centered organizational model that prioritizes compensation and leverages artists' communication skills, adaptability, and creativity. This type of model can improve an organization's sustainability, ease artist stress, and promote connections between artist and audience.

Serving the Inanimate Constituency: Recentering Collections in the Work of Museums

by Nina Clark

Clark described how some museums have shifted their focus from maintaining their collections to attracting an audience via other exhibits and offerings. Clark argues that strategies exist for museums to keep collections at the center of their work, thus preserving their essential function to protect, care for, and share items with the public.

A Reflection on Board Training, Organizational Assessment, and Consulting for an Art Center

by Elspeth Carlstrom