After earning a graduate certificate in Addiction Studies from CCAPS, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) Hoa Le knew he wanted to take the next step in his academic career—and in his professional one, as well.

Hoa Le

"I enjoyed my studies [at CCAPS] so much, I applied to the Master of Professional Studies Program in Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH). I knew that the addiction studies certificate would aid me in getting a license for a specific job in a specific field. I decided to continue in the IBH program because a majority of my clients with chemical addiction issues also have co-occurring mental health disorder(s). Completing the IBH program would allow me to work with my clients on their mental health issues—as well as help with my career marketability."

Le works with clients with co-occurring disorders in a clinical setting, and plans to continue working as a counselor while finishing his master's degree and eventually open his own private practice.

"I think people discover they are almost a whole new person when they finish the program. I've learned as much about myself in this program as I have about others. [I feel like now I can] make my education work for me, not the other way around."