Moving Forward

The DEI Council has been making steady progress since its creation in 2019. Read about the roles of our six subcommittees and what we’re learning (and unlearning) in our new staff workshop series.

Creating Subcommittees

The DEI Council created the CCAPS strategic plan which was approved by the College leadership team. The subcommittees were formed to help move us towards the goals outlined in the plan. The six subcommittees, made up of staff from across the College, will work on the strategic plan’s goals throughout the academic year.

Student Committee (credit programs)

A classroom full of students at round tables

Advances strategies related to learner experience, including out-of-classroom experiences, DEI-related learning, and systemic factors that influence student success. Pursues creating a more equitable learning environment for all students. Student representatives sit on this committee.

Faculty/Instructor Committee (credit programs)

Advances strategies that affect and engage faculty and instructors in credit programs, including efforts around curriculum, classroom experience, and professional development. Has the goal of helping faculty serve students better and creating a more equitable and inclusive working and teaching environment.

Staff Committee

Advances strategies related to staff experience and professional development. This includes planning events and training and revising procedures to help staff serve students better and to make a more equitable working environment.

Noncredit Programs Committee

Advances strategies related to noncredit learning, including professional development, boot camps, and lifelong learners. The primary focus is on understanding DEI needs for this group of learners and instructors.

Data Committee

Collects and analyzes data that feeds into success metrics for the DEI strategic plan. For example, this committee monitors Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey results, administers the CCAPS DEI Staff Survey, and works across CCAPS to gather information specific to various units.

Strategic Plan & Communications Committee

Assembles goal progress from subcommittees to ensure timelines are met and communicates milestones to the College and its partners.

Learning and Unlearning: A Series of DEI Topics for CCAPS Staff

To foster forward momentum in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the College, we are launching a monthly series for staff to investigate and discuss topics related to our DEI strategic plan. 

The structure of these sessions will include time together for a brief resource review (article to read, video to watch, etc.), chosen by one of the subcommittees, followed by group discussion.

The first topic of the series in November was called “Foundations: DEI in Higher Ed.” The December event explored antisemitism.

In addition, CCAPS staff have been encouraged to include a DEI goal in our performance process this year. To that end, we hope these topics can aid our College in actively living DEI values.

An Ongoing Journey

As the needs of our students, faculty, and staff grow and evolve, so will our goals and priorities. If you're interested in learning more about our current DEI strategic plan, please visit our DEI website.

DEI Council Members

Liya Fitzpatrick
Lynda Flores
Soliana Ghidewon (undergraduate student representative)
Chanelle Bryant Glover
LeeAnne Godfrey
Margo Gray
Mary Elizabeth Hahne
Fiyyaz Karim
Joe Krohn (graduate student representative)
Dan Kunitz
Tony Scott
Teresa Washington