Some sounds in English change when they come before a "Y" sound. This is especially common with words before youyour, yours, and yourself.

T plus Y = CH.

  • Is thachours? (Is that yours?)
  • Aren'cha glad? (Aren't you glad?)
  • Nochet. (Not yet.)

D plus Y = J.

  • Dijou go? (Did you go?)
  • Reajour email. (Read your email.)
  • It majou think. (It made you think.)

S plus Y = SH.

  • What'shour number? (What's your number?)
  • It makeshou happy. (It makes you happy.)
  • Do you mishour friend? (Do you miss your friend?)

Z plus Y = ZH.

  • How'zhour mom? (How's your mom?)
  • Izhour class hard? (Is your class hard?)
  • Who'zhour TA? (Who's your TA?)

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