Some phrases are so common in American English that they are pronounced in a very fast way.

Verb + to

  • got to: gotta
  • have to: hafta
  • has to: hasta
  • used to: useta
  • ought to: oughta

Verb + to

  • going to: gonna
  • want to: wanna

What do you (verb)

  • whatcha (verb): Whatcha want? Whatcha need?
  • whadaya (verb): Whadaya want? Whadaya need? 

What are you (verb)

  • whatcha (verb): Whatcha doing? Whatcha studying?
  • whadaya (verb):, Whadaya doing? Whadaya studying?

Where did you (verb)

  • wheredja (verb): Wheredja go? Wheredja eat?

Did you, do you = ja. (Context will tell you if it's past or present.)

  • Ja study? Ja see him? Ja like pizza?

I don't know. = I dunno. 

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