Steve Wicks: Hi, I'm Steve Wicks, Enrollment Advisor for graduate programs at CCAPS. When you're researching different graduate programs you may wonder, will this program be a good fit for me? Will I have anything in common with other students in the program? So, let's find out more about CCAPS students in the Master of Professional Studies in Integrated Behavioral Health.

(Text on screen: What are IBH students like?)

Director of Graduate Studies, Debra Wamsley: We have students from different age groups, from 20 all the way up until their 70s, that come some directly out of college and some who have had two or three different careers prior to joining the IBH community.

Wicks: Do they have similar education or training prior to coming to the IBH program?

Wamsley: Not at all. This program trains clinicians from the ground up. That means that they don't need to come to us having taken a GRE. The primary requirement is a completed bachelor's degree.

(Graphic on screen showing IBH application web page.)

IBH student Hadeel B.: I definitely appreciated, like, how diverse the class population was. They came from all backgrounds and all ethnicities and ages and even, like, different careers.

IBH graduate Autumn A.: They were very, like, laid back, very professional, but it was a very welcoming environment.

IBH student Gokce B.: They've done a great job of making us feel all at ease and relaxed just to be ourselves.

Autumn A.: You know, me, I came out, like, as transgender halfway through my program, and they were nothing but supportive, which was really great.

Gokce B.: Every class I feel like I learned so much from my peers as well as from my instructors.

Hadeel B.: Our classmates and I were more than just classmates. I felt like we connected on a deeper level than just, like, being classmates. We all were there for the same reason.

Wamsley: And we welcome each and every student that comes into our program.

Wicks: If you'd like to learn more about the Integrated Behavioral Health program, let's connect. You can email me or schedule an appointment to chat. Visit the CCAPS website for more information. Thanks for watching.

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