Steve Wicks: Hi, I'm Steve Wicks, enrollment advisor for graduate programs. Here at CCAPS, we know that deciding to go to graduate school is a big decision. It makes sense that you want to find out as much as you can about a program before taking the next step. So let's explore the Master of Professional Studies in Addictions Counseling with the Director of Graduate Studies, Debra Wamsley.

Text on screen: What should students know about the Addictions Counseling program?

Debra Wamsley: Simply put, the ADDC Program trains people to be alcohol and drug abuse counselors. But more importantly, we train clinicians to treat the whole person. That means biological and psychological and any other areas that a client or an individual might identify as important in their lives. We don't expect one treatment method to work for everyone. We encourage students to be curious and compassionate in the classroom and with their clients.

Steve: What is the Addictions Counseling curriculum like?

Debra: The ADDC Program is just 10 courses and an internship. Students will study a range of addictions-related topics, from counseling techniques to psychopharmacology. Many of our courses are offered either in the evening or online, so working adults can fit it into their schedules. It's a good fit for people who already have an allied license or people who are new to the field.

Steve: Will graduates be ready to enter the workforce?

Debra: Absolutely. Our internships provide hands-on clinical experience in a supervised clinical setting, so when students are done with the Addictions Counseling program they're ready to sit for the licensing exam. The ADDC program is really about training students to become skilled, ethical clinicians. When they leave the University of Minnesota, they will be ready to help people make change in their lives.

Steve: If you'd like to learn more about the Addictions Counseling program, let's connect. You can email me or schedule an appointment to chat. Visit the CCAPS website for details. Thanks for watching.

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