Voiceover Narration: The Multidisciplinary Studies Program was developed for returning learners: adults who had started their college education at some point in the past but stepped away. This program allows you to use the credits that you've taken in the past and build upon that knowledge to create a bachelor's degree that fits who you are today.

Dana Formanack, Multidisciplinary Studies Alumna: I knew I had to refresh my skills. I knew I had to learn new skills so that I could put together a strong application, a strong resume.

Scott Wenum, Multidisciplinary Studies Student: When I looked at coming back to the University, I kind of knew what I had studied and where I wanted to go, but I really wanted to find out how I could piece it all together.

Dana Formanack: I could take online classes, I could take night classes, I could take regular day classes, and I could be as fast or slow as I needed to be at any given point.

Scott Wenum: So I was looking for a way to put my life experience and work experience together, and that's where the Multidisciplinary Studies and Professional Studies Department really helped out and that's where my advisor really helped see the patterns and then see the themes in the things that I had studied and wanted to study in the future and shape that into a degree program.

Dana Formanack: It's never too late. You can still evolve within yourself and within your life to become the person that you wanted to be.

Voiceover Narration: If you are interested in taking the next step, come to an information session and meet with an advisor.

Scott Wenum: It can be an incredibly impactful experience, so I would say just do it.