CCAPS Conferences

The College and its partners put on a variety of scientific, professional, and technical conferences and events every year, with attendance ranging from 20 to 2,000.

Income Tax Short Course

Dates: Nov. 15–16, 2022; Nov. 29–30, 2022; Dec. 13–14, 2022; Jan. 10–11, 2023
Location: Three online courses, one in-person event (Nov. 29 & 30) at Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center

Maintain your business and stay on top of the latest tax legislation affecting tax returns for current and future years in this annual two-day course.

Annual Institute for Building Officials

Dates: January 18–February 2, 2023
Location: Heritage Center

Continue your education and get up-to-date information on Minnesota code rules and amendments, best practices for inspection and code administration, innovative products on the market, and useful professional development skills.

Structural Engineering Seminar Series

Dates: January 31–March 7, 2023
Credits: 0.3 CEUs per session
Location: TBD

Get up-to-date information on structural engineering topics, enhance your skills, and take advantage of networking opportunities.

Minnesota Water Resources Conference

Dates: October 2023
Location: TBD

Immerse yourself in innovative, practical, and applied water resource engineering solutions, management techniques, and current research about Minnesota’s water resources.

Minnesota Power Systems Conference

Dates: November 2023
Location: TBD

Stay abreast of today's power system technology in this three-day conference that emphasizes the unique challenges faced by electric utilities in the Midwest.

Annual Concrete Conference

Date: December 2023
Location: TBD

Take advantage of networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities for practicing engineers, engineering faculty, consultants, contractors, concrete contractors, and state and county agency employees.