Course Number: CERT X408

In this course, attendees receive an overview of the role of "Agile Coach". The course begins by examining the mindset that a coach must develop in order to be successful as well as the behaviors that a coach models while serving a team. Using interactive exercises and discussions, the course then discusses how a coach can best serve the key Agile Roles and help the Team facilitate its chosen Agile method. The Course concludes with the competencies that a coach must possess as they train, mentor and advise the team on their Agile journey.

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Define what it means to be an Agile coach
  • Understand Agile coaching competencies
  • Outline a series of tools and techniques that can be used to grow and develop teams
  • Discuss Agile coaching failure, recovery and success modes
  • Identify the common paths to becoming a coach

Note: It is strongly recommended to take Agile Fundamentals, Certified ScrumMaster® OR CertifiedScrum Product Owner® before taking this course.