Tuesday, Nov. 7

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

7:30 – Registration

General Session

Moderator: Bethlyn Cummings
Co-moderators: Larry Brusseau and Al Haman

8:00 a.m. – Welcome

8:15 – General Session 1: Supply Chain Update 2023

Speaker: James Sipe, Border States

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, the supply chain has become a critical component of organizational success. However, it is also a complex system that presents numerous challenges. To navigate these challenges effectively, it is essential to gain an understanding of the intricacies of the supply chain and develop strategies for successful management.

This presentation aims to explore the challenges faced by today’s supply chains and provide insights into how organizations can overcome them to achieve operational excellence. We will delve into key areas of concern, including demand forecasting, inventory management, transportation, logistics, and supplier relationships.  Participants will gain an understanding of the challenges inherent in supply chain management and acquire insights into successfully managing them. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can enhance their supply chain capabilities, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business environment.

9:15 – General Session 2: Construction Resources: How Will Quanta Services Meet The Large Labor Need in the Coming Future with Significant Transmission Development

Speaker: Bryan Rushing, Quanta

Quanta has built the largest skilled-labor force in North America by uniting over 200 operating units to tackle the most complex infrastructure challenges in the world. We operate in a regional structure to marshal our global resources seamlessly and efficiently in the local interest of our customers. With a world-class training network and industry-leading safety standards, we empower our people to get the job done better and safer than anyone. The unique expertise and capabilities of every one of our companies combine to make Quanta the first choice for infrastructure solutions that power modern life. The need for energy is ever growing, and as the world transitions to renewables, there are more opportunities than ever to forge a rewarding career in the trades. With a world-class craft training network, Quanta develops the skills needed to tackle the energy, utility, and communication infrastructure challenges of tomorrow. Quanta is the power of people. We build the expertise, partnerships, and culture of safety and diversity needed to forge the infrastructure solutions that power modern life.

10:00 – Break

10:15 – General Session 3: Combating the Looming Crisis of Workforce Shortages in Electric Power Engineering by Democratizing Technical Education

Speaker: Siddharth Raju, University of Minnesota

This presentation will describe a multipronged approach for workforce development in electric power engineering, offering a Certificate in Electric Power Engineering through community/technical colleges.

11:00 - General Session 4: IEEE Ethics & Activities

Speaker: Dr. Clive Woods, University of South Alabama/IEEE

This presentation will cover the IEEE Code of Ethics, some typical instances where it applies in professional conduct as an Engineer, and the process currently in place at IEEE for investigating alleged breaches of the Code of Ethics. Educational and outreach initiatives by the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee will also be described, and future developments currently on the horizon will be outlined.

Noon – Lunch


Ballroom A/B

Moderator: Brianna Swenson
Co-moderators: Neil Stiller and Dan Sergeant

1:00 – Transformer Overloading: A Necessary Evil, but at What Cost

1:45 – As Distributed Generation Increases, Does the Grounding Challenge Get Easier?


Room 1

Moderator: Mike Crane
Co-moderators: Greg Owen and Dan Nordell

1:00 – Megahertz-Sampled Observations of AC Level 2 Onboard Electric Vehicle Charging

1:45 – Do AMI Meters Cause Power Quality Problems?

2:30 – Break

4:30 – Adjourn

4:30–7 p.m. – Exhibitor Reception

Wednesday, Nov. 8

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

8:00 a.m. – Registration

Distribution Automation/

Ballroom A/B

Moderator: Dan Nordell
Co-moderators: Sarah Simpson and Troy Knutson

8:30 – The Case for a Private LTE Network: Utility Focused

9:15 – Cybersecurity Overview and Maximizing Cyber Standards to Secure Your OT Environment

Project Management

Room 1

Moderator: Greg Schutte
Co-moderators: Kerby Nester and Brianna Swenson

8:30 – Straits of Mackinac Submarine Cable Replacement Project

9:15 – The Power of Collaboration: 500kV Line Restoration


Ballroom C/D

Moderator: Sean Dunham
Co-moderators: Mike Crane and Mark Tiemeier

8:30 – NuScale Power and the Small Modular Reactor Industry

9:15 – Energy Storage Market and Technology Update


Room 4

Moderator: Neil Stiller
Co-moderators: Aaron Demuth and Chris Punt

8:30 – Hot Line Tag: A Sacrifice for Safety

9:15 – PPE for Protection of Line Workers against AC Induction Hazards during Overhead Line Work

10:00 – Break

Noon – Lunch


Ballroom A/B

Moderator: Sean Dunham
Co-moderators: Kerby Nester and Sarah Simpson

1:00 – Overcoming the Drilled Shaft Challenges

1:45 – LiDAR for Transmission Lines: Collection and Processing for the Lifecycle of a Facility


Room 1

Moderator: Chris Punt
Co-moderators: Al Haman and Troy Knutson

1:00 – Electric Vehicle Penetration in a Distribution System

1:45 – Current Status of the Transformer Industry

Emerging Technologies

Room 4

Moderator: Pete Malamen
Co-moderators: Mark Tiemeier and Will Lovelace

1:00 – Design and Implementation of a Wide-Area Automated Voltage Control System

1:45 – Advances and Future Trends in Transmission STATCOM Applications

2:30 – Break

4:30 – Adjourn

Thursday, Nov. 9

Thursday, November 9, 2023

8:00 a.m. – Registration

Tutorial I

Ballroom A

Moderator: Greg Owen
Co-moderators: Greg Schutte and Shafqat Iqbal

8:30 – Metering 101

Tutorial II

Room 1

Moderator: Will Lovelace
Co-moderators: Mark Tiemeier and Mike Marz

8:30 – Energy Storage 101 Tutorial

Tutorial III

Ballroom E

Moderator: Emily Riggs
Co-moderators: Pete Malamen and Dan Sargeant

8:30 – Power System Protection 201: Line Relaying

Tutorial IV

Room 4

Moderator: Larry Brusseau
Co-moderators: Bethlyn Cummings and Neil Stiller

8:30 – Transformer Testing 101: WR, TTR, PF, SC

10:00 – Break

10:15 – Metering 101, Continued

10:15 – Energy Storage 101 Tutorial, Continued

10:15 – Power System Protection 201: Line Relaying, Continued

10:15 – Transformer Testing 101: WR, TTR, PF, SC, Continued

11:45 – Adjourn