What’s the key to OLLI’s vibrant portfolio of courses? OLLI’s course leaders who, collectively, embody a world of experience and interests. From novice to veteran, enthusiast to expert, OLLI course leaders include University of Minnesota professors, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers; faculty from US colleges and universities; community and civic leaders; authors and independent scholars; and of course, our own OLLI members!

Summer Course Highlights

Here are a few courses to highlight the varied and intriguing courses we’re offering this season. As you can see, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Interested? A comprehensive list of courses, along with descriptions, instructor bios, locations (both in person and online), may be found in the 2024 Summer Course Guide

Registration and Course Allocation

OLLI works to ensure members receive their desired courses using an equal-opportunity allocation model. Each term, members request their preferred courses. This is followed by a course allocation period during which an algorithm is run for courses that may have more requests than seats. After being notified about the courses in which they are successfully enrolled, registration reopens so members can enroll in additional courses. Learn more about the process.

Course Fees

Being a member means there is no limit to the number of courses you may request. However, some courses have fees, which go directly to OLLI’s nonprofit program partners, many of whom are dealing with significant financial setbacks due to the pandemic. Increasingly, these organizations are finding it necessary to charge a fee for partnered courses. All fees are listed in the course information.

Intergenerational and Intercultural Programs

OLLI believes strongly in the benefits that come with intergenerational and intercultural learning. It has a rich history of nurturing such exchanges through the OLLI Scholar and Culture Corps programs.

Teach for OLLI

Do you have a unique interest or professional expertise? A burning passion? Do you enjoy bringing that topic to life for others? If yes, consider volunteering as an OLLI course leader!

Know someone who would make a great OLLI instructor? Recommend a Course Leader.

OLLI Policies

OLLI is committed to providing equal access to its programs and a safe and respectful learning environment for all participants. Learn more about our commitment to accessibility, as well as our code of conduct and class cancellation guidelines on the OLLI Policies page.

Course Guide Archive

Looking for an OLLI course guide from seasons past? Here's an archive of our most recent guides.

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