What inspired or motivated you to create your SIG?
I have been a lifetime learner as well as a lifetime recreational biker. When I joined OLLI 16 years ago, a SIG biking group beckoned me. It was then and still is an amazing group of women and men who have become friends through exercise. We bike from May through Sept., a different designated trail each Wed. We range in age from 60–80+ in years. Many of us join the SIG Walking Group during “off season.”

How did the pandemic conditions change the way you managed your SIG, and do they affect how you run it in-person now?
During the pandemic a few of us still biked, wearing masks and spacing 10 ft. apart. Being outdoors was different than meeting in a room while COVID precautions were imperative.

If you could change one thing about your SIG, what would it be?
The only thing I would like to change: more overnight bike trips. It is hard to find affordable lodging for all of us because of our group size and nearby trails appropriate for our skill levels.

What are some fun traditions or innovative practices of your SIG?
We have a potluck supper at the end of our season for us and our guests. Lots of good food and conversation.

How does your SIG select activities?
A small group of volunteers meets in late winter and tentatively decides on trails, dates and leaders for the season. This is flexible and evolving. Details for a ride are emailed every Sunday, with weather cancellations sent out early the day of the ride.

Do the members of your SIG engage in any other activities together as a group? If yes, what kind of activities?
Riders are always encouraging to stay after a ride for a purchased or bag lunch, depending on eating venues nearby.

What other interesting things would other OLLI members like to know about your SIG?
A few of our riders now have e-assist bikes allowing them to still participate in our group.