LTC at UMN (1972–2022)


This historical timeline is a companion piece to Long Term Care: 50 Years of Educating Leaders in the Field, in which we ask students, alumni, instructors, advisors, practitioners, and pioneers to reflect on their work, goals, and visions for the next half-century.

1967 | With growing public concern about care in nursing homes, the US Federal government amends the Social Security Act to require states to develop a program of study and licensure for nursing home administrators.

1971 | A total of 550 administrators register to take the first Nursing Home Administrator license exam offered in Minnesota.

Portrait of George Kenneth Gordon wearing a graduation cap and gown

1972 | With funding from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and unanimous approval of the Board of Regents, the University of Minnesota establishes the first regional Center for Long Term Care Administration Education in the School of Public Health. Serving Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, the Center is one of six in the country to begin educating long term care administrators and is led by founding director Dr. George Kenneth Gordon. 

black and white portrait of Ruth Stryker Gordon

Ruth Stryker-Gordon, ’48, RN, MA, is pivotal to the development of the program. She, along with Gordon and Dr. Leslie Grant, edit Creative Long Term Care Administration (Charles C. Thomas Publishers, Ltd.; 4th edition, 2003), the first textbook in the field. The book is now in its fourth edition. 

color portrait of Dr. Leslie Grant

2002 | Dr. Leslie Grant is hired to be the Director of the Center for Aging Services Management. 

2010 |  Dr. Dominique A. Tobbell conducts an interview with Ruth Stryker-Gordon, which is published by The Academic Health Center Oral History Project (University of Minnesota, 2010).

2017 | A Futures Task Force composed of leaders in the field makes the unanimous recommendation that the University continue to offer an educational program for nursing home administrators.

2018 | Dr. Leslie Grant retires and the Long Term Care Administration program moves to the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS). The courses are offered in alignment with the Health Services Management (HSM) major, demonstrating the value of LTC administration as a critical aspect of the health care continuum. 

color portrait of Bob Stine wearing suit and tie

Dean Bob Stine welcomes the program: “CCAPS is a perfect fit for the LTC program due to the College's focus on applied programs and experience serving returning learners. When we established the undergraduate major in HSM and then aligned long term care with it, we created an affordable and accessible option for professionals working in the field wanting to further their careers.”

portrait of Rajean Moone standing before wall with large maroon M

Dr. Rajean P. Moone, LNHA, LALD, is hired to be the program’s faculty director.

2019 | The program changes format to being offered entirely online, broadening access for professionals working in the field.

The MHA Alumni Association is saddened to share the passing of Dr. George Kenneth Gordon (1932–2019).

2020 | The University receives accreditation to offer the nationally recognized Health Services Executive credential from the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards. The Board of Regents approves an undergraduate Long Term Care Management Minor.

The Program's students, alumni, and faculty respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, as shared in An Education on the Front Lines (CCAPS News, December 2020)

2021 | The University receives accreditation from the Board of Examiners of Long Term Services and Supports to offer the only academically affiliated training for Minnesota’s new Assisted Living Director license.

The Program and profession continue to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as shared in Meeting COVID-19 Head-On (CCAPS News, September 2021) and a collaborative report of evolving best practices from the University and Hennepin Healthcare (Office of Academic Clinical Affairs, March 2021).

The Program mourns the passing of Ruth Stryker-Gordon (1925–2021).

2022 | The Long Term Care Administration Program marks 50 years of educating dedicated leaders in the field, and establishes the CCAPS Long Term Care Scholarship to support students.

50 Years of Educating Leaders in the Field