We are all navigating unusual, unprecedented, and evolving challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic is profoundly affecting our own mental and physical health and that of our loved ones. It's impacting the way we conduct work—if we are fortunate to still be in a job—and the way we live our daily lives, with many of us in all-family, stay-at-home circumstances. We are of course in this together, and we are all responding in our distinctive ways, which may at times clash with how our family members or colleagues deal with the same circumstances.

White man with scruffy beard and mustache leans on his fist with a grave look on his facing, looking at laptop

After this webinar, you'll have:

  • a better understanding of your and others' particular responses to unexpected changes and associated uncertainties.
  • more ways to manage your worries, fear, and stress.
  • insight into different ways you can assist others in managing their stress.

Webinar presenter Carolien Moors, MPsych and MEd., is an organizational consultant, speaker, and leadership and team coach from the Netherlands with 30 years of experience in Europe and the United States who focuses on candor, accountability, and change.