When uploading a video to Kaltura, it is recommended that you make ATD a collaborator of the video so we can assist with placing or assist with troubleshooting a video if anything comes up. This tutorial will teach you how to add ATD as a collaborator for your Kaltura videos.

Step 1: Access Kaltura Media Settings

First navigate to the UMN Kaltura Mediaspace portal. This will place you on the the My Media page in MediaSpace. 

Scroll to the video you just uploaded and click on the pencil icon to the right of it.

Go to Mediaspace. On the MyMedia page, scroll to the video you have made and click on the pencil icon on the right of it.


Step 2: Navigate to Add Collaborator Menu

On the settings page, click on the Collaboration tab.

Then click on the Add Collaborator button.

On the settings page for the video in MediaSpace, click on the Collaboration tab, then click on the "Add Collaborator" button.

Step 3: Add CCAPS-ATD-Team as a Collaborator

The Add Collaborator Menu will appear.

Begin to enter in [email protected] in the text field on top. When you start entering the user account, it will show up in a drop-down menu list where you can select ccaps-atd-team as an option.

Then add a check mark to the Co-Editor, Co-Publisher and Co-Viewer permission options.

Finally click the green Add button. You have now added ATD as a collaborator.

Enter in ccaps-atd-team@umn.edu in the text field on top and select it from the dropdown menu when it appears. Make sure you add a check mark to the Co-Editor, Co-Publisher and Co-Viewer permissions then click on Add