Project Creation and Updates

Launching New Initiatives

Program Directors submit ATD Service Requests for new course designs at the beginning of each development cycle (semester), anticipating a two cycle development for new undergraduate courses and a one cycle development for redesigns and new graduate courses and redesigns. Program directors may also submit review and consultation requests prior to the last day for “new work requests” each development cycle (generally three weeks before the end of development for that semester).

How to Request a Review

Program Directors may request a course review through the CCAPS-ATD Service Request link. Reviews are typically completed by ATD within two weeks. As part of the process, Instructional designers will review the course in its entirety to ensure that content and teaching practices are in alignment with ATD design standards.

Instructional Designers in Teaching Reviews

Instructional Designers conduct periodic Course Reviews at the request of the Program Director. These reviews are a component of the three-year Teaching Review conducted within CCAPS Undergraduate programs. The Instructional Designer attends the beginning of these meetings to explain review results and design recommendations for the course going forward based on evolving ATD best practices.

How to Request an Ad Hoc Seat Time Analysis (independent of a redesign)

Occasionally, the reclassification of a course as fully online or the renaming of a course under a new CRN may require a new seat time analysis. Program Directors can request that a designer complete an analysis by submitting a Consultation request through the CCAPS-ATD Service Request link and include the specifics of the request in the “Additional Information” section of the form.

Requesting Projects with ATD and Wrike

Program Support and Communication

Liaison Meetings

An ATD Instructional Designer will serve as the dedicated Liaison for each CCAPS program. Liaisons inform programs of upcoming initiatives within ATD, including technology changes and advances, and faculty development opportunities; they also inform the ATD team as a whole on new program initiatives or issues.

Faculty Meeting Presentations

The ATD Team is allotted a short segment in semesterly faculty meetings to present pedagogical/technological best practices. Program Directors may reach out to ATD Leadership to request a specific topic be covered prior to the faculty meeting.

Conflict Resolution Information

Undergraduate Instructors should confer with their Program Directors about potential student conflicts and/or grade disputes. In some cases, the Program Director and Instructor may wish to utilize the Student Conflict Resolution Center for assistance in navigating a student dispute.

Graduate Instructors should consult with the GE Assistant Program Director about conflict resolution resources at the graduate level.