Business Process Improvement Certificate

Business Process Improvement Certificate student

Business process improvement is the key skill set managers and professionals need to reduce costs, shorten service/cycle time, enhance customer value, and deploy results-oriented solutions. 

  • Document and measure the way work is performed
  • Maximize the impact of innovation or IT-based solutions
  • Gain the support of a broad range of stakeholders
  • Understand best practices of Six Sigma, Lean, TQM and other methodologies

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Business Process Improvement Courses

Courses listed in recommended sequence
48 hours required to complete certificate
Process Mapping and Analysis (12 hours) $995
Measuring and Improving Work Processes (12 hours) $995
Process Innovation (12 hours) $995
Implementing Process Change (12 hours) $995

Not interested in a certificate? Courses can be taken individually. See the full list of professional development courses.

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