Course Number: CERT X463

In this course, learners will learn how to apply Kanban to their work. Kanban is a holistic way of thinking about your work and services, with a focus on improvement from the customer’s perspective. The goal of this agile method is to understand and manage risk in the delivery of services, as well as to balance demand and capacity for the team or organization. 

The course is focused on Knowledge Work Kanban which differs from manufacturing in several key ways: 

  • workflow is less strict
  • waste removal is a lower priority and variability is inherent
  • inventory is invisible and has a lower direct cost

This class will include group discussions via breakout rooms.

Following this course you will be able to:

  • define the Kanban method.
  • understand Flow and its impact on organizations and processes.
  • define the principles and practices of the Kanban method.
  • discuss the core Kanban metrics and cadences.

Note: If you are taking this course as part of the Agile or Agile Scrum Certificate, it is strongly recommended that you take Agile Fundamentals, Certified ScrumMaster® OR CertifiedScrum Product Owner® before taking this course.