• Total Courses
    6 required courses and 3 electives (from 7 options)
  • CEUs | Contact Hours
    6.0 CEUS | 60 Contact Hours
  • Cost
  • Format
    Fully online
  • Time to Complete
    3-4 months
  • Funding Resources

Building and motivating teams. Ensuring project control. Managing risk and change. Negotiating and resolving conflicts. These are the skills you need to be a successful manager of projects. A project manager uses tools and techniques to plan, execute, complete, and assess the development of a service or product, grow revenue, or meet some other organizational objective.

The U of M Project Management Certificate offers practical, in-depth skills training along with opportunities to enhance the interpersonal skills, such as leadership and teamwork, that employers seek.

“After going through the program, I could more efficiently design a timeline to show how long an experiment would take or show how we're meeting, or failing to meet, the various requirements." — Emma Cherney, Industrial Coatings Chemist

Project Management Core Courses

To earn the Project Management Certificate, you'll take six core courses (42 contact hours total) and three electives (list of choices below). We recommend you start with Project Management Foundations.

  1. Project Management Foundations
  2. Project Initiation
  3. Project Planning
  4. Project Execution, Monitoring and Control
  5. Project Risk Management
  6. Project Leadership


Choose three courses for 18 contact hours.

Career Outlook

Funding and Discounts

The U's professional development programs are affordable because they can be completed in relatively short order—sometimes within a few months—which can save you both time and money. What's more, there are other opportunities you can explore to potentially bring the cost down even further.


  • CCAPS offers scholarships of $500 to $2,500 to Minnesota residents who meet eligibility requirements.
  • If you're not employed, you may be able to take advantage of federal or state funding. Contact your CareerForce center to inquire.
  • Your organization may have funds set aside for employee education. Read about the benefits of employer investment in career development.


  • When you register and pay for all courses in the certificate at once, you'll receive up to a 10% discount.
  • University of Minnesota Alumni Association members receive a 10% discount.
  • U of M staff get 50% off most professional development programs.

See Discounts, Scholarships, and Other Funding for more information and possible exclusions to discounts.


The cost of the Project Management Certificate program is $4,750–$4,860, depending on which electives you choose. But if you register and pay for all the courses in the certificate at once, we'll give you up to a 10% discount! (Discount may vary depending on your course selection.)

If you have questions about the registration process or payment options, or you need to transfer or cancel your registration, contact the registration team:

612-625-2900 | [email protected]

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Enroll in Certificate Now, Register and Pay for Courses Individually

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Enrollment Advisor

Shanta Bhoelai, enrollment advisor


Shanta Bhoelai

I can help you choose which professional development programs are the best fit to meet your career goals. I am here to answer your questions regarding specific programs, courses, or other career topics you have on your mind. 

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Project Management Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your instructors?

Instructors come from industries with considerable experience managing projects. Those who teach required courses typically have earned their PMP credential. They represent a variety of industries and disciplines, which we feel helps the student gain a broad perspective of how to apply project management principles in practical situations.

Do the courses have to be completed in a certain order?

Sequence is important for the required, or core, courses, but not for the electives. We recommend taking the core courses in this order: 1) Project Management Foundations; 2) Project Initiation; 3) Project Planning; 4) Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control; 5) Project Leadership; and 6) Project Risk Management.

If you are new to project management, starting with the Foundations course is recommended but not required.

Do I need to have certification to work in project management?

You do not need to have certification to work in the project management field. Yet, earning certification might make you a more desirable job candidate. Some companies prefer to hire people who have earned certification (for example, the Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute). The U’s Project Management Certificate counts toward the education hours PMI requires.

Certificates in project management are not the same as certification. Colleges and universities award project management certificates to students who complete the required coursework. These programs vary between institutions. If you don’t want to spend the number of hours required to earn certification or an academic degree, a certificate is a great option.

If I complete this certificate, will I be ready to sit for the PMP exam?

No. The PMP exam is a rigorous test of your knowledge of the contents of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK™). 

What can I do with a project management certificate?

Participating in a project management certificate program is well worth the investment. In-depth project management training allows you to develop professional skills that advance your career, expand your job opportunities, and make you a more competitive applicant and valuable employee.

What courses will I take in a project management certificate program?

Your project management training will depend on the college or university you attend. The U of M Project Management Certificate program includes courses in project management foundations, planning, leadership, risk management, initiation, execution, monitoring, and control. Electives cover topics such as business acumen, negotiation, and technical writing. To earn a certificate at the U of M, you’ll need to take six required courses and three electives.

Can I earn a project management certificate online?

The U of M Project Management Certificate takes place 100% online. This makes it a convenient option if you work full-time and cannot travel to campus.

Are classes offered at night?

Not at this time. The project management classes are currently offered only during the day.

How much does a project management certificate cost? 

Certificate programs vary from one institution to another. Tuition for the U of M Project Management Certificate is $4,750–$4,860 depending on the electives and enrollment option you choose. One option offers up to a 10% discount if you enroll in the certificate and register and pay for all of your courses at one time. Or, you may enroll in the certificate and pay for individual project management courses over time. Other discounts and funding resources may also be available to those pursuing a U of M Project Management Certificate. 

How long does It take to earn a project management certificate?

The time it takes to earn a project management certificate depends on the institution and the number of required class hours. Other factors, such as your personal schedule, may also have an effect. The U of M Project Management Certificate requires 60 class hours. If your schedule allows, it's possible to earn your U of M Project Management Certificate in three to four months.

What if I want to take project management courses but don't know if I want to enroll in a certificate program? 

Completing a certificate program will help you receive comprehensive project management training. Do you work or plan to work in a profession other than project management? If the answer is “yes,” then you may only want to learn specific aspects of the field. If that is the case, taking individual courses may be the right way to go. At the University, you do not need to be enrolled in a certificate program to take project management courses.

Didn't see an answer to your question? Try looking in the general FAQs.

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