Project Management Certificate

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Being an in-demand, successful project manager requires a combination of process and people skills. With this certificate you'll lay a strong foundation of knowledge and the interpersonal aspects of being an effective project manager.

  • Negotiate and resolve conflicts.
  • Manage risk and change.
  • Build and motivate project teams.
  • Ensure project control and successfully close projects.

Courses by Recommended Sequence

The cost of the Project Management Certificate is $4,510–4,660, depending on which electives you choose. But if you register and pay for all the courses in the certificate at once, we'll give you a 10% discount.

Courses are listed in recommended sequence
Required courses (42 contact hours)
Project Management Foundations (6 hours) $470
Project Initiation (6 hours) $470
Project Planning (12 hours) $900
Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control (6 hours) $470
Project Leadership (6 hours) $470
Project Risk Management (6 hours) $470
Elective courses – Choose 3 (18 contact hours) Cost
Business Acumen (6 hours) $470
Communicating Across Cultures (6 hours) $420
Introduction to Agile (6 hours) $470
Negotiate for Agreement (6 hours) $420
Project Management and Chaos Theory (6 hours) $470
Technical Writing (6 hours) $420

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What Certifications Are Needed for Project Management?

Certifications for project management are not required in order to do this kind of work. However, earning certification might make you a more desirable job candidate. Some companies prefer to hire project management employees who have earned certification, such as Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute. This requires, among other things, thousands of hours leading and directing projects before sitting for the exam. 

Certificates in project management are not the same as certification. Schools award a project management certificate to students who complete the required coursework for that program. Each certificate program in project management varies from school to school. Earning a certificate does not mean you have earned a degree or certification, but it does indicate that you have successfully completed the program requirements in the school’s certificate program. These programs can be a good option if you’re interested in gaining project management skills and training in a shorter amount of time than it would take to earn an academic degree.

What Can I Do with a Project Management Certificate?

A project management certificate provides you with a way to develop your professional skills and gain career benefits -- whether that is in your current career or along a new career path. With this kind of certificate, you can explore more job opportunities and gain an edge on the competition due to the additional training you took in the certificate program. The knowledge you gain during a certificate program can help you in your career, whether your position is strictly project management or only includes some aspects of it.

What Courses Will I Take in a Project Management Certificate Program?

The courses that are part of your project management certificate program will depend on the school you go to. For example, the certificate program at the University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Studies (UMN CCAPS) includes courses in project management foundations, planning, leadership, risk management, initiation, execution, monitoring, and control. Electives cover topics such as business acumen, negotiation, and technical writing. To earn a certificate through this program, you’ll need to take six required courses and three electives.

Is a Project Management Certificate Worth It?

Having a project management certificate can be well worth your time. With this certificate, you can expect to develop expertise in project management that can help you be more effective in your current position or start a new career. This additional training and the chance to learn new skills can help you advance your career in project management.

How to Get a Project Management Certificate

Project management certificate programs may vary from school to school. At UMN CCAPS, students have the option to enroll in the certificate and register for all project management certificate courses at once. This path includes a discount. Or, alternatively, students can  enroll for the certificate and over time register and pay for individual courses. Enrolling in all courses helps ensure you receive a well-rounded education in project management. Enrolling in individual courses might be beneficial if you only need to develop certain skills or learn certain aspects of project management. You can always enroll and take other courses as needed.

Can I Get a Project Management Certificate Online?

Some schools, like UMN CCAPS, offer project management certificates online. This kind of program can make it easier for you to take the required courses without having to worry about being there in person, especially if you work full-time. Doing an online project management certificate program can help ensure that you are able to earn your certificate at your own convenience.

How Much Does a Project Management Certificate Cost?

The cost of a project management certificate can vary considerably, depending on schools. For example, UMN CCAPS offers this program for $4,510 to $4,660, and discounts are available for students who enroll for all courses at once instead of paying for them individually.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Project Management Certificate?

The time it takes to earn a project management certificate can vary from school to school, depending on how many hours are required. Other factors, such as your own schedule, can affect how long it takes you to complete this type of program. UMN CCAPS requires 60 class hours to earn a project management certificate.

If you’re looking for more information on our project management certificate program, please contact UMN CCAPS today.

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