Bob Monson
Engineering and Project Management

Robert J. Monson, PhD, is the technical director at Northrup Grumman and the former vice president of engineering at Park Industries in St. Cloud. He completed his PhD in industrial engineering at the University of Minnesota, specializing in project management, and has been teaching ;engineering and project management at the U of M for over 15 years.

Bob has developed equipment for the agricultural, railroad, touch panel, and defense industries and holds 84 US and multinational patents, with more pending. He is also the recipient of several national design awards and has acted as a principle investigator for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) programs. He has published many articles on topics related to his engineering design work and authored several best-selling books.

Bob received a bachelor's of mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology in 1985, and a master's of manufacturing systems engineering from the University of St. Thomas in 1991.

Bob presented the webinar Negotiate for Agreement and teaches: