There are many challenges to navigate as we begin to identify and remove the biases and barriers to a more diverse workplace. Without a well-thought-out strategy, we may wind up losing the talent we want to retain. If we want to go beyond mere representation and create a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive—where everyone can feel seen, be heard, participate, and thrive—we'll need to take the right steps.

During this webinar we looked at:

  • the current research around retention. 
  • effective retention steps you can take in your workplace. 
  • how best to support your managers and supervisors in creating an environment that leads to retention.
  • making sure everyone in our workplace feels valued and included.

Patricia Izek, MEd., is the equity, diversity, and inclusion consultant in the Office of Human Resources at the University of Minnesota. She presents on DEI for units across the University, including two Equity and Diversity Certificate workshops: Implicit Bias in the Search Process, and Selection Processes and Addressing Implicit Bias and Microaggressions.

Presented on September 14, 2022

DEI-Focused Retention Strategies - Webinar Takeaways

Why is it important to retain your employees?

  • Replacing employees is costly, in both time and money.
  • Low retention affects the morale and productivity of the team.
  • Losing employees may mean losing:
    • high performers
    • innovators
    • problem solvers
    • team players
    • institutional knowledge, both tangible and intangible 
      (context, skills, intuition, mentorship and other relationships).

Ask your employees what’s important to them. Common wish-list items are:

  • Flexibility (e.g. the option to work from home)
  • Benefits and rewards, including recognition
  • Career development
  • Mentoring
  • Good relationships and mutual respect
  • A welcoming and inclusive work environment

What is diversity?

Individuals from different cultures, backgrounds, abilities, lived experiences, and perspectives.

Why is diversity important?

  • Diverse teams are proven to be more innovative and productive when working together.
  • It may not be easier, but it will be more creative and fulfilling.
  • Most employees want to work where all are welcome and treated equitably.
  • When managed well, diverse teams have greater job satisfaction and higher retention.

What is equity?

  • The assurance of fairness and impartiality in your processes and procedures.
  • Providing all employees equal access to resources and opportunities within your organization.

What is inclusion?

A conscious and deliberate approach to creating a workplace where difference is:

  • expected
  • nurtured
  • supported
  • respected

Watch the webinar for proven retention strategies in the employee life cycle.