Marco: My name is Marco, Marco Antonio. I’m from Brazil. 

Al: Okay, my name is Al Khalil and I am from Oman, and I’m studying mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota. 

Willie: My name is Willie. So, I’m from China and everyone calls me Emma. This is my English name. 

Guilherme: My name is Guilherme, I’m from Brazil. When I arrived here my English was very, very poor, so whenever I wanted to talk to somebody, I was like... you're afraid to mispronounce something.

Willie: I learned English for a long time but I don’t have more opportunity to speak or listen, so my English skill is very low but when I came to here, there’s a new English environment that can push me to practice every day, so it’s very useful. 

Al: English is now the first language in the world, like it’s more international language, so you don't only need it for like your college life and studying and that's it. No, you will need it after that as well. 

Marco: All my instructors in the MELP class were amazing. They were very prepared to teach me as much as they can, they were very worried about my learning process. 

Guilherme: They really push you on what you want to learn and that’s very important because sometimes you need that push. 

Willie: When I was studying here I made a lot of friends from other countries, I think that is amazing. 

Marco: The campus is amazing. The people here are fascinating. 

Al: I mean, sort of, like, there's a lot of good things. The transportation, the College itself here it's very good, and everything here is connected. Even in the winter, like, you have transportation to go anywhere you want to. You want to go to the mall, you want to go downtown, you want to go like for a park, you want to go to the zoo, it’s all connected. Nothing to be nervous about because you will find people who feel the same as you. 

Marco: You can improve every day with your mistakes, with your friends and your professors. 

Guilherme: When I arrived I couldn’t even order correctly something at McDonald's or other restaurants, it was even difficult to do that. But you can overcome these difficulties with time, and at the end it pays off and you say, wow, look all I have done! You know, and you feel very good about yourself, about your improvement and the work you put to do it.