The table of contents on the home page allows users to navigate to first item listed in that module for any given week quickly by clicking on the link of the relevant module time-span. The week-spans that are linked in the table of contents are the titles of each of the modules on the Modules page. These links have not been manually entered into the page. At the same time, the link titles are not automatically updated if any changes are made to the title of the module in the modules page. This tutorial will teach you how to update the table of contents to match the titles on the modules page.

Step 1: Change the Module Title

Go to the Modules page and go to the module where you want to make the title change. Click on the vertical three-dot menu button (aka the Kabob menu button) and then select Edit.


Go to the modulles page, click on the kabob menu button at the top left of the module in question and select edit.

Then change the module title in the top text-field and finally click Update Module to make the change.

Change the module title at the top and then click "Update Module" to change the name of the module.

Step 2: Open Up Design Tools

Note: Before you update the Home page, make sure all of the Module titles are the way you want them on the modules page. This process will update all the new module titles at the same time.

Go to the home page click on the Edit button on the top-right of the page. On the next page, select the Open Design Tools menu located at the top-right of the page to open up Design Tools.

In the Settings page for the Home page, open up the Design Tools menu on the top-right corner of the browser window.

Step 3: Navigate to Update Module Names Button

In the Design Tools menu, drop down the menu for Add Advanced Elements then drop-down the menu for Module List. 

Click on the Update Module Names button. All of the names should change to match the current titles of the modules on the modules page.

When you are done click on the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to establish the changes.

Navigate to Add Advanced Elements>Modules List and click on Update Module Names. Afterwards save the page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Save Button


If you have any more questions or you need assistance with making additions or changes, we welcome CCAPS faculty to reach out out to us for assistance through the CCAPS-ATD Learning Management Assistance form.