While teaching the course you may want to restructure the grades. This can mean moving an activity (assignment, discussion or quiz) to another grading category, changing points or creating a new assignment group (Canvas' term for grading category) to move activities into.


Step 1: Navigate to Assignments Page

Navigate to Assignments.

Go to the Assignments page.

Moving Activities

To move an assignment, discussion, or quiz, left-click on the left most side of the row on the six-dot icon.

Click on the left most edge of the activity row on the six-dot icon.


Drag and drop the activity either in a new location in the current assignment group or in a new assignment group. 

Hold your left mouse button and drag and drop the activity in another group or within the same group

Changing Points

To change the points for an assignment or a discussion go to the vertical three-dot icon button on the far right of the particular assignment or discussion.

Click on the Edit menu option.

Click on the vertical three-dot menu button on the far right side of the activity whose points you want to change. Then click on the Edit menu selection.


In the Points text-field, enter the new points for the assignment or discussion.

The edit menu selection will appear, you can changes the points in the points text-field. Click on Save to change the points.


Since quiz points are based on the total of each of the questions potential points, you will need to go into the quiz settings and adjust the points there. 

Adding New Assignment Group

Go to the top right corner and click on the + Group button.

Click on the "+ Group" button on the top-right.


The Add Assignment Group menu will pop-up. Enter in the new name of the of the group and the new grade weight. Click on Save to create the new assignment group.

A menu will pop up. Enter in the name of the group as well as it's weight. Remember you will need to change the weights of the other groups so that they all total up to 100%.


Remember you will need to make adjustments to the assignment group weights so that they all total up to 100%. For more information please read our tutorial on Changing Weights

If you have any more questions or you need assistance with making additions or changes, we welcome CCAPS faculty to reach out out to us for assistance through the CCAPS-ATD Learning Management Assistance form.