The modules page is meant to contain course items in a chronological structure by design (not automatic). It can be accessed in any part of the course page by clicking on the Modules link shown in the left-hand navigation menu. Below is information as well as considerations and tips for using the modules page.

The modules page. Can be reached by clicking on the "Modules" link the left-hand navigation menu.


Each module is contained in a box with a grey starting row with the title of the module. Below are all of the items for the module including the module overview page (which needs to be the first link in the module for the Table of Contents to work properly), assignments, quizzes, and discussions. 

Table of Contents and Current Module Display

The table of contents and current module display are both of the first items that are immediately identifiable on the course's home page. While not in the modules page, these elements are fundamentally tied to the information and structure of the Modules page.

Table of Contents and the Current Module Display


The table of contents allows users to navigate to first item listed in that module for any given week quickly by clicking on the link of the relevant module time-span. Since our design wants to lead students to the overview page for that module, we strongly recommend placing or keeping the overview as the first item in the module. 

The week spans that are linked in the table of contents are the titles of each of the modules on the Modules page. These links have not been manually entered into the page. At the same time, the link titles are not automatically updated if any changes are made to the title of the module in the modules page. To properly update the titles in the table of contents please see our tutorial on Updating Table of Contents Titles.

The current module display below the table of contents shows the contents of the current module. These are automatically updated according to the titles and the structure of the module in the modules page. Any desired changes to the structure or naming of the element tiles shown on the current module display must be done in the modules page.


Module Checklist

At the bottom of each overview page is a section called the Module Checklist. This section is automatically updated by the contents of the module in which the overview page is currently located in. For example if you move the Module 1 overview page into Module 2, the Module 2 contents will show up in the Module 1 overview. Thus placement of the modules page is imperative for the Module Checklist to work properly. The good news is that if you do changes assignments around in the Modules page, you will not need to make changes to the module overview pages.

Example of Modules Checklist

Making Changes

We have a few tutorials listed below that can help you with the various changes you may want to make to the Modules page and features tied to the Modules page:

If you have any more questions or you need assistance with making additions or changes, we welcome CCAPS faculty to reach out out to us for assistance through the CCAPS-ATD Learning Management Assistance form.