Welcome to the Fall 2021 mid-term to all our instructors and staff! CCAPS Academic Technology and Design has a few updates to help ensure your online, blended, and face-to-face instructional success as you teach with CCAPS.

Important Reminders

  • Audio/Video Bars in Classrooms: The Office of Classroom Management has added new Audio/Video Bars to some on-campus classrooms. More information on these devices can be found on OCM’s Audio/video bar site.
  • 1XXX Level Course Mid-term Grade Notifications: Instructors are required to provide in-progress notifications for all 1XXX courses to students who, on the basis of performance to date in the course, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N. More information on these notifications and on how to submit them can be found on the Academic Support Resources Mid-term grades site.
  • Second 7-week Courses Open: ATD will open Online and Blended 7-week courses on October 18. As a reminder, ATD publishes (opens) online/blended courses one week before the start of the semester to allow students to acclimate to the online environment.
  • Final Date for New ATD Work Requests: The final day to request new ATD work -- including consultations -- for Spring courses is December 21, 2021. After this date, all requests require special approval from the ATD Associate Director. 
  • UMN Covid Updates: UMN Twin Cities continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation  on campus and in the surrounding area. For the most up-to-date information on policies, visit UMN’s COVID-19 Response site (Web page no longer exists, reference left for posterity) which includes information on the university face-covering policy, prevention and well-being, and on-campus cases.

Teaching Tips

Challenging Academic Incivility

Review Associate Director for Graduate Programs, Michelle Iwen’s presentation from the August 2021 Faculty Development Day on Challenging Academic Incivility to learn about the resources available to you when students and instructors don’t see eye to eye. 

Explore MediaSpace + Add ATD as a Collaborator

Wondering where your Kaltura course videos live? They’re in MediaSpace, where you can review past videos, alter captions, and make basic edits to your videos. Need ATD’s help with captioning or managing your videos? Check out our new tutorial on Adding ATD as a Collaborator in Kaltura.

ATD Highlight

This month, we highlight Construction Management Instructor Heather Kosilla’s plans for dynamic homework through the Construction Plan Reading exercise in her online course. Read more about her creative use of the quiz tool to assess public speaking skills here: Construction Plan Reading Homework