When you think of formal project management training, you may think of hard scientific topics like schedule management, risk management, resource management, and scope management. But what are those more artful elements that successful project managers use that are not taught in traditional settings? The Art of Project Management will examine the behaviors, skills, and thinking that can help anyone who manages projects take their skills to the next level and drive great outcomes for their businesses. Balancing science and art will allow you to successfully navigate your projects and perform at your very best. 

Matthew Weum, PMP, SA, SSM, POPM, is a senior manager of Agile program management at Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation consulting firm. He specializes in Agile program delivery, team leadership, change management, and risk management.

Presented on August 17, 2022.

Webinar Takeaways

It's All About Relationships

Along with hard "science" skills like managing budgets and risk, successful projects depend on your ability to cultivate relationships with your project team. Challenges will be more easily overcome if you:

  • empower you team.
  • create an environment of trust.
  • provide growth opportunities.
  • engage on a personal level, outside formal interactions.
  • communicate in the way your team prefers (whether it's email, DM, or Slack).
  • evaluate your tone when delivering electronic messages.
  • deliver difficult messages in person.
  • make people feel they matter: recognize and celebrate individual and team contributions and successes often and in the way they feel most comfortable.
  • Be transparent about expectations.

Successful project managers:

  • find a balance between the science and the art of project management and flex between them, depending on what's needed in the situation.
  • assess their abilities and learn what's lacking—the science or the art?—to achieve a good balance.