If you've ever led a presentation or delivered a speech, you've assumed the role of communicator and storyteller. But do you have the skills to meet your audience's expectations and compel their imagination? In "Become a Persuasive Business Storyteller," filmmaker and author Dean Hyers will show you how to:

  • commit to the role and envision yourself as a strong communicator.
  • practice new speaking techniques in a safe, low-­stakes environment.
  • deploy your ability in real-­world settings whenever possible.

Dean Hyers is an emotional intuitive who has brought his natural skills to the challenge of protecting and defending vulnerability wherever he finds it. He focused his natural abilities with a degree in psychology. A love for film has had him creating movies throughout his life. In 1999, Dean co-created an acting workshop and began honing his unique coaching style by working with actors facing the challenge of being authentic inside of artificial scenes.

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